We invent, design & create clever A.I. software & data visualisations.

We partner with businesses and government organisations to craft innovative software products. Our projects are deeply rooted in dynamic, complex data and are inherently AI-native, data-centric, and primarily utilise rich data visualisations as their user interface.

Our clients engage us for projects that revolve around product ideation, technology innovation, prototyping, and concept development skunk works. It is within these engagements that our cross-disciplinary skills and expertise in AI, data visualisation, and software truly come to the fore. We are committed to delivering exceptional results that leverage the latest in AI and data visualisation techniques to drive innovation and success.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence plays a role in almost all out projects, automating manual processes to deliver immediate productivity gains and as a foundation for the creation of new A.I. native products.

We have used machine learning algorithms to cluster and visualise data; deep neural networks such as fine tuned BERT models to embed and classify hundreds of thousands of pieces of customer feedback; language models and custom natural language pipelines for automated narrative generation to produce textual descriptions of data in reports; image recognition to assist in patent analysis; and markvov chains for predicting customer movement through supermarkets.

We are actively working on projects involving generative A.I. and A.I. alignment focusing on mechanistic interpretability.

A.I. Design Dash

Embrace the future of product development with our A.I. Design Dash! This exciting 5-day adventure is all about turning your A.I. ideas into real, tangible products. Think of it as a super-charged brainstorming session, but for A.I.. If you've heard of Design Sprints, we're taking that concept and giving it an A.I. twist. With A.I. Design Dash, you're in for a fun, fast-paced week of exploring, creating, and testing that brings your A.I. product to life.
Find out more about A.I. Design Dash

Data Visualisation

We design and develop rich interactive data visualisations used across a wide range of industries, including patient experience reporting for all public hospitals in Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand; major road and rail projects including the Level crossing removals and Metro tunnel; analysis of education performance in Australia for Austrade and the Department of Education; and reporting for local governments around the country on their residents' thoughts and values.

Our comprehensive, evidence-based data visualisations continue to securely deliver ongoing insights to thousands of users every day, informing and impacting decisions made for all Australians.

Large language models (LLM)

We use LLMs within many live client engagements for text classification, generation of reporting content, and real time user question/answering. Our custom fine-tuned BERT model is used to classify feedback from hospital patients. We use GPT models to assist in the generation of content for reporting and dashboards. We use chat models to orchestrate responses to user queries and data exploration. And we augment LLMs with private client data and embeddings to provide exploratory question/answering interfaces.

We have active internal projects using GPT-4 for agentic problem solving and have built custom language models to assist in explaining decisions made by A.I. systems. We are also undertaking internal research on A.I. safety and alignment, specifically focusing on mechanistic interpretability.

Artificial Life & Complex systems

We use algorithms inspired by natural biological phenomena (such as the flocking of birds, schooling of fish and ants foraging) to help our clients understand the complex dynamics they operate in, to predict future scenarios and to navigate the complex and uncertain path of our rapidly evolving future.

We use tools such as agent based modelling, digital simulations and complexity science to gain insights into digital ecosystems and processes, helping us to create more robust, adaptive products.

Our team attended the prestigious Complex Systems Summer School at the Santa Fe Institute in 2022.
Flink Labs is a member of the International Society for Artificial Life.

A.I. Product Management

A.I. has shifted from a niche technology to a mainstream business tool. This has led to the emerging need for A.I. product management, a process that blends product management with the more data heavy, hypothosis focused requirements of A.I. products.

New challenges in data management, governance and ethics combined with new UX opportunities and the rapidly evolving landscape of tools have emerged. These challenges are often not well understood by traditional product managers and require a new skill set to navigate.

We have delivered A.I. products for a wide range of clients and have developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that A.I. products present. We have developed a unique A.I. product management framework that we use to guide our clients through the process of developing and launching A.I. products. Combined with our A.I. Product Design Dash and our upcoming A.I. product management course we are well placed to help guide you on your A.I. product management journey.

A.I. Design Sprints & Skunkworks

At the heart of our engagements, you'll find a combination of rapid prototyping and skunkworks style development sprints. We're firm believers in exploring new ideas, prototyping in code and iterating on the go - every test run is a new chance to polish and perfect our final product.

Our engagements often involve new product creation and the use of emerging technologies. We use our A.I. Design Dash process to help clarify customer needs, address technical risk and to engage with stakeholders from the early stages of project.

We believe that the best way to create a successful products is to release early and often, learning from each iteration to refine and improve the end product.