A.I. Strategy Workshop

Unlock the Power of A.I. for Your Business

A.I. Strategy Workshop

Unlock the Power of A.I. for Your Business

Elevate your team's A.I. game is just one day!

Are you ready to harness the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence for your business but not sure where to start? Our intensive one day on-site workshop is designed to guide your business and product teams through the complexities of A.I., helping you craft a robust actionable A.I. strategy that aligns with your organisational goals.

Who should attend?

This workshop is ideal for business leaders, product managers, and cross-functional teams who are looking to integrate A.I. into their products or services and want to make informed, strategic decisions about A.I. implementation.

This is not a technical focused workshop and we won't be focusing on the latest "prompt hacks". Instead, we will teach you a set of frameworks, techniques and processes to enable you and your team to implement A.I. strategically in your product or business, aligned with your goals and current A.I. capability.

  • Demystify A.I. - Cut through the buzzwords and get a solid understanding of what A.I. really means for your business.
  • Assess your A.I. Maturity - Discover your current stage of A.I. sophistication and identify the unique opportunities for your organisation.
  • Brainstorm & Prioritise - Generate A.I. project ideas with our structured brainstorming sessions and learn how to prioritise them effectively.
  • Create Actionable Plans - Leave with a detailed project brief for the most promising A.I. initiatives, ready to be actioned.
  • Resource with Confidence - Gain insights into building or scaling your A.I. team and understand the nuances of the A.I. development workflow.

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Goals & objectives

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will walk away with the following set of tangible, physical outputs designed to empower their A.I. strategy development and execution.

  1. A.I. Innovation Map - A comprehensive guide outlining the different stages of A.I. maturity within an organisation. This document will help participants understand where they currently stand and what steps they need to take to progress through the stages of Explore, Develop, and Transform.
  2. A.I. Project Prioritisation Matrix - A detailed matrix that participants will use during the workshop to evaluate and prioritise A.I. project ideas. This tool will help them systematically assess the potential business value against the associated risks and their organisation’s readiness.
  3. Custom A.I. Project Brief Templates - A set of templates for crafting clear and concise A.I. project briefs. These templates will ensure that all critical aspects of a project are considered and communicated effectively to stakeholders and team members.
  4. A.I. Strategy Roadmap Canvas - A large-format canvas that participants will fill out during the workshop, capturing the key elements of their A.I. strategy. This visual tool will help them align A.I. initiatives with business objectives and set a clear timeline for implementation.
  5. A.I. Team Resourcing and Workflow Charts - Visual charts that outline the optimal team composition, including roles and responsibilities, and the A.I. development workflow. These charts will serve as a reference for structuring their teams and managing A.I. project lifecycles.

What sets this workshop apart?

Our workshop is crafted by business and technology focused A.I. experts, with the singular goal of equipping you with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to lead your organisation into an A.I. empowered future. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Insightful Content - Each module in our syllabus is designed to build upon the last, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of A.I.'s capabilities, strategic implementation, and the impact on your industry.
  2. Practical Application - Through a series of carefully curated activities, you will apply concepts in real-time, ensuring that you leave with a tangible action plan tailored to your business.
  3. Exclusive Resources - You will gain access to proprietary frameworks, templates, and toolkits that have been developed through ywars of in-field experience and success.
  4. Expert Guidance - Our facilitators are not just theorists; they are practitioners who have been involved in A.I. projects across Australia.
  5. On-site Collaboration - By hosting this transformative event on your premises you'll not only minimise operational disruptions but also foster a more cohesive learning environment for participants across your organisation.
  6. Post-Workshop Support - Our commitment to your success extends beyond the workshop. You will have access to additional resources, webinars, and consulting to ensure that you are set up for success.

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Full Syllabus

From A.I. basics to crafting detailed project briefs, our action packed workshop is designed to be both engaging and informative. Over the day you will collaborate, create and critique with hands-on exercises that ensure you apply what you learn in real-time. At the completion of the workshop you will have the opportunity for technical deep dives and one on one consulting tailored to your specific projects.

Introduction (30 minutes)

  1. Welcome and Objectives
  2. Participant Introductions
  3. Overview of the Day's Agenda

1. Understanding A.I. (45 minutes)

  1. A.I. Basics: Definitions and Terminology
  2. Types of A.I.: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, etc.
  3. A.I. Applications: Case Studies Across Industries
  4. Q&A Session

2. Assessing A.I. Maturity (1 hour)

  1. A.I. Innovation Map Overview
  2. Self-Assessment Exercise: Identifying Your A.I. Innovation level
  3. Discussion: Sharing Insights and Current Capabilities
  4. Identifying Gaps and Opportunities for Growth

Break (15 minutes)

3. Brainstorming A.I. Projects (1 hour)

  1. Ideation Techniques Specific to A.I.
  2. Group (plus A.I.) Exercise: Brainstorming Potential A.I. Use Cases
  3. Criteria for Prioritising A.I. Projects
  4. Group Work: Mapping ideas to business value and feasibility

4. Project Prioritisation Matrix (1 hour)

  1. Introduction to A.I. Project Prioritisation Matrix
  2. Group Exercise: Assessing and Scoring A.I. Project Ideas
  3. Review and Discussion of Group Assessments
  4. Selecting Top A.I. Project Ideas for Further Exploration

Lunch Break (30 minutes)

5. Crafting an A.I. Project Brief (1 hour)

  1. Key Components of an A.I. Project Brief
  2. Group Work: Developing a Project Brief for Selected A.I. Projects
  3. Presentation: Sharing Project Briefs with the Group
  4. Feedback and Iteration

6. A.I. Team Resourcing and Workflow (45 minutes)

  1. Building or Scaling an A.I. Team: Roles and Skills Required
  2. Overview of the A.I. Development Workflow: From Data to Deployment
  3. Best Practices for Managing A.I. Projects
  4. Q&A Session

Conclusion (15 minutes)

  1. Workshop Recap and Key Takeaways
  2. Next Steps and Resources for Further Learning
  3. Feedback Collection on the Workshop
  4. Closing Remarks

One-on-One Post-Workshop Consulting† (90 minutes)

  1. One on one consulting session
  2. Technical deep dive
  3. Tailored advice on specific A.I. projects or Strategies
† A.I. Strategy Masterclass packages

Post Workshop Support and Resources

Maximize the value of your on-site A.I. workshop experience with our comprehensive post-event support package. Designed to ensure your team's continued growth and mastery in A.I., this package includes an exclusive Q&A webinar, providing a personalized platform to address any lingering questions and deepen your understanding. Benefit from two weeks of dedicated email support, where our experts are on hand to offer guidance and insights as you apply what you've learned. Additionally, gain unfettered access to our curated digital resources for three months, a treasure trove of advanced knowledge and tools to keep your team at the cutting edge of A.I. innovation. This holistic support framework is engineered to solidify your gains, turning newfound skills into long-term assets for your organisation. † A.I. Strategy Pro & Masterclass packages

Meet your instructor

Embark on an A.I. Strategy Workshop with Ben Hosken, a distinguished technical entrepreneur whose expertise lies at the confluence of data, design, and artificial intelligence. Ben's remarkable 30-year career is characterized by his innovative approach to creating software solutions that enhance human intelligence through data.

Ben is the Founder and CEO of Flink Labs, a leading A.I. and Data Visualisation company, based in Melbourne. For over a decade, A.I. has played a core role in projects at Flink Labs, including machine learning algorithms to cluster and visualise data, transformer neural networks to help understand and classify text, natural language pipelines for automated narrative generation, image recognition to assist in patent analysis, and markvov chains for predicting in-store customer movement.

Ben has held technical leadership roles at several start ups including Agent Arts, a recommendation tech company, that was acquired by Microsoft. He has led the successful exit of three other technology focused start ups. Ben attended the prestigious Santa Fe Institute's Complex Systems Summer School in 2022 and has two US patents for his pioneering work on A.I. recommendations technology.

Prior to founding Flink Labs, Ben was involved in many groundbreaking technology initiatives, including leading the development of Australia's first online banking application, developing Australia's first mobile eCommerce service and the world's first mobile music sharing service. He has also worked at Accenture's Centre for Strategic Technology Research focusing on Intelligent Agents within FinTech.

In this workshop, Ben offers insights drawn from a career that has consistently pushed the boundaries of A.I. and Data Visualisation. Participants will benefit from his strategic thinking and experience in translating complex data into meaningful, actionable insights without the need for deep technical coding skills. Join Ben for a transformative learning experience that will empower you to leverage A.I. in innovative and impactful ways.


The investment for this workshop is not just monetary; it is a commitment to innovation, excellence, and leadership. We offer three tiers of participation to suit your specific needs and goals.

A.I. Strategy Essentials

Ideal for individuals or teams looking for a comprehensive introduction to A.I. strategy development.


  • 6-hour A.I. Strategy Workshop
  • 10 participants max
  • Standard Workshop Materials (Printed)
  • AI Project Prioritisation Matrix
  • AI Innovation Framework Stages Document
  • Certificate of Completion
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A.I. Strategy Pro

Perfect for organisations seeking a more in-depth workshop experience with additional resources for implementing their A.I. strategy.


  • Everything in the Essentials Package
  • 20 participants max
  • Custom A.I. Project Brief Templates
  • AI Team Resourcing and Workflow Charts
  • AI Strategy Roadmap Canvas
  • Post-Workshop Q&A Webinar (1 Hour)
  • Access to Digital Workshop Resources for 6 Months
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AI Strategy Masterclass

Designed for leaders and decision-makers who want a comprehensive package with personalized support and advanced materials.


  • Everything in the Pro Package
  • 30 participants max
  • Exclusive A.I. Ethics Guideline Booklet
  • Change Management Plan Template
  • Data Strategy Blueprint
  • One-on-One Post-Workshop Consulting Session (1.5 Hours)
  • Priority Email Support for 1 Month
  • Limited Edition A.I. Strategy Toolkit (Physical Box Set)
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  • What is the duration of the workshop, and does it include breaks?
    Understanding the timeframe helps participants manage expectations and schedules, including breaks for optimal engagement.
  • Who are the instructors, and what are their qualifications?
    Potential attendees are interested in the expertise and background of the facilitators to gauge the value of the workshop.
  • Is the workshop content tailored to our specific industry and company size?
    Companies seek assurance that the material will be relevant and impactful for their specific challenges and goals.
  • What are the technical requirements to participate in the workshop?
    Knowing the necessary software, hardware, or internet capabilities ensures participants are prepared and can engage fully.
  • How interactive is the workshop? Are there hands-on activities or case studies?
    Attendees often value practical application and interactive elements that enhance learning and retention.
  • What is the follow-up support structure after the workshop concludes?
    Information on post-workshop resources and support, such as Q&A sessions, email support, and access to digital resources, is crucial for ongoing application of knowledge.
  • How will the workshop accommodate different skill levels within our team?
    Teams are diverse, and participants want to know how the workshop will be beneficial for members with varying degrees of familiarity with A.I..
  • Can the workshop be customised to address specific challenges or projects our team is currently facing?
    Tailoring the content to address current real-world problems adds immense value, making the workshop more relevant and actionable.
  • What is the maximum number of participants allowed in the workshop?
    Understanding the participant cap helps in planning and ensures a conducive learning environment with ample interaction.
  • What are the key takeaways and skills participants will gain from attending the workshop?
    Prospective attendees are interested in the tangible benefits and outcomes of the workshop to justify the investment.
  • Is there a certification or proof of completion provided at the end of the workshop?
    Certifications or completion documents can be valuable for participants’ professional development and credentials.
  • What is the cancellation policy for the workshop?
    Potential attendees will want to know the process and potential penalties for canceling participation, for planning and logistic reasons.
  • How will the workshop's content be updated to reflect the latest advancements in A.I. and technology?
    Given the fast-paced evolution of technology, attendees will be interested in knowing how current the information presented will be.
  • What post-workshop resources will be available to continue learning and application?
    Beyond initial follow-up support, understanding what long-term resources or communities are accessible can be valuable for sustained growth.
  • How does the workshop facilitate networking or collaboration opportunities among participants?
    For many professionals, the chance to connect with peers and industry leaders is a significant draw.
  • Will there be any guest speakers or industry experts apart from the main instructors?
    Guest speakers can add value and variety, providing different perspectives and expertise.
  • How customised can the workshop get? Can we focus on specific modules more relevant to our needs?
    This question digs deeper into the level of customisation, especially for companies with very specific focal areas or problems.
  • What is the balance between theoretical knowledge and practical application in the workshop?
    Attendees will want to understand how the workshop plans to bridge the gap between theory and practice, ensuring they can apply what they learn effectively.
  • Are there opportunities for one-on-one consultations or feedback sessions with the instructors?
    Personalized feedback can greatly enhance the learning experience, making this a valuable component for participants.
  • How will the workshop address different learning styles and paces among participants?
    Acknowledging and accommodating diverse learning preferences is crucial for an inclusive and effective educational environment.
  • What metrics or outcomes are used to measure the success of the workshop for participants?
    Both individuals and organisations will be interested in how the workshop's impact is assessed and quantified.
  • Is there a community or alumni network for workshop participants after the event?
    Access to a community for ongoing support, networking, and collaboration can greatly enhance the long-term value of the workshop.
  • What are the payment options and any available financial aid or discounts for group registrations?
    Understanding the financial investment and any opportunities to mitigate costs can be crucial for decision-makers.
  • How does the workshop ensure the confidentiality and security of proprietary information shared during sessions?
    For corporate clients, the security of their data and information during interactive and consultative sessions is paramount.

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