About Live Where?

Live Where? is an interactive data visualisation created for the Victorian Government's App My State competition. Live Where? takes data from many Victorian Government departments and combines them into a compelling and engaging visualisation that helps people quickly explore and find potential suburbs to live.

Showing all the suburbs of greater Melbourne, Live Where? enables the user to easily adjust criteria such as median house prices, peak hour commute times and schooling availability, giving them a dynamic view of Melbourne.

Interesting Data

By combining over 1 million data points from multiple government departments into an interactive visualisation, previously hidden patterns and insights emerge regarding population, housing, transport and schooling around Melbourne. You can see where the rich older people have their out of town holiday houses or how middle class families with children tend to live in the inner East. Insights valuable for school and town planners, as well as house hunters, become apparent, such as young families starting out in the their first homes clustering in areas such as Werribee, Melton and Craigieburn. By toggling the secondary schools checkbox on the young families scenario you can see the areas where schooling will be required in the coming decade.

Technical details and data

Live Where? was written in Processing, Ruby and Javascript. Live Where? makes extensive use of data from the many Victorian government agencies including;

While the end result of the processing of the data is a straight forward file consisting of rows of suburbs and columns of variables, a significant amount of manipulation, merging, analysis and exploration of the data was required to join SLAs, e.g. Boroondara, with suburbs e.g Hawthorn, Camberwell etc., geocoding of schools, train stations and suburb details, and distance calculations to find the train station closest to the centre of each suburb, among other things.

Over 100,000 rows of data with well over 1 Million data points across many Victoria Government departments were mined and manipulated to create the resulting data file used for this visualisation.