Climate Data

Global climate change visualisation

Recently, the UK's Met office released a subset of global temperature readings from the last 200+ years.

Climate Data by Flink Labs

Following on from Manuel Lima's blog post, asking for the data viz community to get behind the climate change cause and use our skills to create some compelling visualisations, Jer Thorp has created a site at for the data, where people have already contributed cleaned up data that can be directly loaded into MySQL along with some great code samples.

We've spent this afternoon exploring the data and creating a quick data viz showing the change in temperature readings over the last 200+ years. It's not perfect and, personally, I believe that a well put together line chart may be the most compelling method for visualising this data.

Flink Climate Data.

Source Code

The source code (in processing) is bundled up at and assumes you have loaded the data into a mySQL instance using the data from

We encourage you all to jump into this and hopefully the ease of access to the data along with good code samples gets everyone going.